1. Guess How Much I Love You? Specials
  2. GASP!
  3. Guess How Much I Love You? Series 1 and 2
  4. A Common Purpose
  5. HERO U - Rogue To Redemption
  6. As You Dreamt It
  7. MacGuffin's Curse
  8. Firewolf
  9. Peekaboo
  10. Bloodbones
  11. Africa Rising
  12. Island Of The Lizard King
  13. Nightwalking
  14. Prada Handbag

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The above playlist is a broad representation of the different work Ryan has been involved with. From the crazy cartoon music of "Gasp!" to more understated moods in "As You Dreamt it"; from the playful orchestral writing in "Guess How Much I Love You?" to the brooding menace of "Peekaboo" his unique ability to use music to tell character driven stories with emotion and empathy shines through. Have a browse and skip through each compilation track to get an overview of the work. If you'd like more examples of his work please contact Ryan directly.